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Startup Stockholm

Global Traveler, June 2018

"Through the darkness, Stockholm emits a heatwave of forward-thinking technology, a progressive social culture and the almighty Swedish coffee to fuel the city’s lofty endeavors."

Like a Local: The Best Beaches In and Around Barcelona

TravelMag, May 2018

"With a shore that stretches north to France and south to paella-proud Valencia, where crystalline sands cradle sporadic waves of blue, the Mediterranean coast is rife with crisp golden sands."

After-Work Amusement in Lisbon

Global Traveler, October 2017

"The city's concentrated and well-connected central zones make it easy to zigzag across the city for hours of post-work amusement."

Prague on Tap

Global Traveler, June 2017

"The Czech capital was once considered the (unofficial) Paris of Eastern Europe, but recently Prague has come into its own, drawing hordes to its cobblestone streets, underground pubs and unparalleled character."


After 5: Los Angeles

Global Traveler, March 2017

"When visiting the epicenter of entertainment, grab a front-row seat, wait for the director’s cue and … action!"

The Life of the Dalmatian Coast 

Global Traveler, November 2016

“Stretching from the bustling resort town of Split to the well-preserved medieval city of Dubrovnik, Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast is littered with islands just as captivating as the coast itself.”

A Croatian Bus Ride from Hell

Pink Pangea, September 2016

"I reminded myself of one of travel's greatest lessons: embrace discomfort and take solace in all of life's air vents."



Tradition Meets Modernity in Casablanca

Global Traveler, March 2016

"The coastal city capitalizes on its fading glimmer as the economic powerhouse of Morocco and home to one of the world's largest mosques."

Two Extremes: Discovering the Paradox of Femininity in Morocco

Pink Pangea, January 2016

“As a woman, I felt free in the hammam that day, understanding the meaning of this ritual that had ignited in me a spark of feminine pride.”

Incheon Awakens as the Sun Sets

Global Traveler, November 2015

“Seoul may be the more well-known South Korean destination, but Incheon's short distance to the port and the airport solidify its acclaim as a burgeoning entertainment oasis.”

Global Traveler Magazine and Website

As News Editor for Global Traveler, Allie submits monthly articles that focus on the ever-evolving atmosphere of business travel, including reports on rewards programs, travel deals, and up-and-coming trends.


Allie Wanders

Allie's personal blog: Stories about solo travel, life as an expatriate, and every joy and struggle in between.

CBS Local: Washington, D.C.

January - May 2011

As a six-year resident of Washington, D.C., Allie frequently contributed to CBSLocal.com's “Best Of” lists, covering what to see and do in the nation's capital.

*Style note: Allie uses the Oxford/serial comma in her personal writing, but for her professional writing she adheres to the publication's specific style guidelines. This is the reason for any punctuation discrepancies above.